Not your average photographer...



I am a Lifestyle Photographer smack dab between Rochester, NY and Buffalo, NY specialising in candid moments over posed photos. I'm going to pose you, but then I'm going to make sure I capture some really special moments during your special time. A glance, a smirk, a hug -- something only a good eye and fast finger can capture.

what you're getting when you book with me

I am a photographer with professional equipment, but I am far from professional. If you are looking for a buttoned up professional with a portfolio, contracts and more -- your money is going to be better spent elsewhere. That is not who I am.

I am a big personality, with an even bigger eye for the special moments. I am going to include myself into your family dynamic, get to know your event guests, treat your kids like they're my nieces/nephews, try and steal your pets to make them my own. I am going to crawl on the floor, dance with the music, and have a blast with you and your loved ones. I spend my time getting to know you through simple chats and messages versus big meetings. I want to be your friend, your confidant, and your eye if only for our short time together. If you want fun, exciting, and anything but the ordinary -- contact me today!

Photography for all

If you think you don't look good enough for photos, if your kids are too "wild" for photos, if you've never been able to find a photographer for your unique family/relationship/personality... your search is over. All shapes, ages, personalities welcome here. We love all bodies. All brains. All.

Love is love is love. Every body is beautiful. Every brain is perfect.

(If you need more proof, I'm a plus-size, LGBTQIA, neuro-spicy photographer with ADHD)